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[15 Dec 2007|08:44am]
i don't know what is wrong with my left hand. i woke up and it was hurting just as bad as when i broke my right hand. it still hurts. it wouldn't surprise me at all if i was punching the wall by my bed while sleeping. i'm that fucking stupid.

[29 Oct 2007|11:38am]
working out is good. you don't have to think too much about everything else going on.
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[28 Oct 2007|09:15pm]
this weekend has been busy and long. it was good, though. i saw one of the greatest movies, ever. idiocracy. holy shit, i think there are way too many inside jokes because of this movie. karla and i drove to baton rouge on saturday to see nightmare before christmas 3-D. afterwards, we went to the tattoo convention. this girl told me i had the best hair-do ever, and proceeded to tell me that she was checking it out from her booth and decided she had to let me know. karla got tattooed today. it's awesome. she got her punk rock girls covered with a huge, realistic hanging bat. it's such a good tattoo. i think it's about time to eat something, read some of these AWESOME nightmare on elm street and friday the 13th comics i have, and get some sleep.
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[24 Oct 2007|12:06am]
for some reason, i get the feeling that this halloween is going to be incredibly lame. i can remember what i did over the past few, whether it be playing shows out of town or hanging out with friends. i know it's just another day, and it doesn't change the fact that everything is shit.
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[19 Oct 2007|05:33pm]
i think this personal trainer at my gym has a crush on me. the fact that she is hot doesn't hurt, either. perhaps i won't cancel my membership just yet.
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[19 Oct 2007|12:56pm]
leg day makes me feel like i am going to puke. i'm working out with 250lbs on deadlifts. i could probably do more, but don't want to without a belt. i need to get on that. i'll shoot for 300 before the end of the year. being strong feels good. i think i'm going to quit the gym i am going to. the hours are pretty lame and it's terribly overcrowded now. i'm thinking about joining up at jim's. also, working out with him would only be beneficial for me.
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[08 Oct 2007|01:16am]
hung out with karla tonight. she got me a present. it's seriously the coolest thing ever. it's a nightmare on elm street 3-D poster. totally unexpected. karla is awesome. we went to see good luck chuck and listened to the misfits. later this week we're supposed to carve pumpkins, which will probably end up in disaster, but that's part of the goodness. good stuff.
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ian mackaye dies. [02 Oct 2007|11:37pm]
Ian Mackaye, lead singer of influential hardcore band Minor Threat as well as Fugazi passed away today in a Baltimore hospital room. Outside a Fugazi show in New Jersey last night, the singer was struck by a car passing by the front of the Ventura Theatre. Brunswick police say that the driver allegedly stopped, but then fled the scene. There is now a police investigation underway.

Mackeye was rushed to St. Agnes Hospital in Baltimore, where he was pronounced dead this morning at 6am. This is a tragedy for the underground music as a whole and we need to stand together at this time of loss.


apparently, this was a rumor that got started and spread. here is the article clearing it up.

Ian MacKaye is alive. Elvis is still dead

A phone rings at 6:08 p.m. in Arlington, Va. A 45-year-old man picks up. The caller doesn't even have the chance to offer a greeting.

"I am still alive," reports Ian MacKaye, the frontman of such punk acts as Minor Threat and Fugazi, and the founder of Washington's Dischord Records.

This would not be news except that The Sun and apparently many other organizations had been told that MacKaye was, in fact, dead. We were told that he died Monday night at Baltimore's St. Agnes Hospital. A call to the hospital found no evidence of such a patient. We followed up with calls to Dischord (left a message) and to MacKaye's home.

"I am happy to report that I am not dead," says MacKaye. He and the record company had been blasted with calls, he says, after premature reports of his death were posted on MySpace and Wikipedia. He says he hasn't been able to find the MySpace reference, but had the Wikipedia posting removed -- and then re-removed, once someone reinserted the false news.
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against me! [26 Sep 2007|09:37pm]
i remember a few years back when these guys caught alot of flak for signing to a big label. i didn't care either way because it was never like i followed them all that closely. i do know what the older stuff sounded like, and this is just way better. the video is pretty great, too. i guess i'm just a sucker for good songs.

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[22 Sep 2007|12:59am]
rollins was awesome. i had a better time this go around compared to any of the other times i have seen him. i think it's mostly because i could relate to some of the things he was talking about.
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[15 Sep 2007|12:44pm]
in austin. brent and stephanie's place is great. i'm so glad to be around them. death metal plays non-stop in the backround turned very low. it's great. guitars everywhere. john is here. it feels good. it makes me want to pick up zuul and come back. time to go mess around in the guitar workshop.
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tex-ass [13 Sep 2007|07:05pm]
jim and i are leaving for austin tomorrow. i'm really looking forward to seeing brent, stephanie, and john. i can't believe it's almost been a year.

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[11 Sep 2007|12:27am]
today was busy. it was one of those days where after it's over you think back to what you did earlier, and it seems as if those certain things happened a couple of days before. i went to a going away party for my friend brian tonight. it was rad because he made sushi. there was this ridiculous amount of salmon, tuna, and flounder piled high on a plate. it didn't take long before everyone had their fill (which combined barely made a dent) and i was left still eating. i asked brian if it were cool and he said to have at it. so, there i was eating a big plate full of raw fish and drinking a gallon of water alone. people are crazy.
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[06 Sep 2007|01:39am]
sleep? what's that? everything is unfortunate. this song is still great.
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[31 Aug 2007|09:57am]
today i need to finish up getting the rest of my belongings out of my old house. i've got to throw alot of things away, box stuff up, and do some cleaning. i should have gotten started earlier. afterwards i'll head to the gym. today will make 5 days in a row of working out. that's what i should be doing. tonight i may go see halloween. i really like the feel of all of rob zombie's movies. alot of people are up in arms over the fact that the guy playing michael myers is so big. as seen here. i guess these people don't understand that it's not going to be a remake, but a reimagining.
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[29 Aug 2007|08:01pm]
so today is 'k day'. today marks the two year anniversary since katrina. yep. too bad this place didn't sink.
today i went to jim's first class of the semester. i told him before class not to call me out amongst all of the other students. so what does he do during the first 5 minutes? he tells a story about me. awwwww, a story about little ol' me. he goes on and on talking about a "particular person" and finishes it with, "and i'm talking about that guy sitting right there in the back" while pointing directly at me. it was pretty humorous watching numerous kids in the class ask each other under their breaths, "what class is this" while jim was getting everything set up. i could only assume they thought they were in the wrong place. another kid would tell the curious other, "this is philosophy of mind". yep, don't be mistaken. you're in the right place. if anyone is curious as to what he teaches or what exactly goes on in the course itself, you can go here to find his personal instructor website linked from tulane's website.
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[26 Aug 2007|12:01am]
i have been completely abandoned. all responsibility has been placed onto my shoulders. i hate the fact that i have to sleep somewhere else while my dogs are alone in a cluttered house. i hate my soon to be ex-landlady. i hate people who tell you how they are stressed, or unstable, or how god forbid that they may have to get a job while you are explaining to them that your life and everything you know has taken a nose-dive. all i could think about while she was speaking was how i wanted to stomp her face into the floorboards right in front of her kids. don't offer me your pity, or your money, or your time to hear my worries. no one could understand me if they tried to and your pretentiousness as to thinking i would want to speak to you about my life is staggering. seriously, fuck you. if this town had doors to it, i would chain them shut with all of you inside and burn the fucking place down.

[25 Aug 2007|07:26pm]
i don't have much to look forward to. i've been getting these terrible headaches lately. i am looking forward to henry rollins coming to do his spoken word here, though. these videos are from a really old spoken word that he did. this particular part is about the murder of joe cole. it's upsetting. the books that he wrote about it which are mainly journal entries, 'see a grown man cry/now watch him die' are capable of bringing a man to tears. i guess it puts things into perspective a bit.

part 1

part 2
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[24 Aug 2007|12:44am]
everything is a mess. i'm so tired. i'm drained. i just want to go to sleep. the only problem is that i keep waking up.

[22 Aug 2007|08:10pm]
the sun has gone down. another night alone. i wish someone would take me out. i'm losing everything that i know and am familiar with. soon, i won't have my house anymore. i don't want to have to leave my house. i thought that perhaps i should call wes, go out, do something, get some pizza. i called wes. he was out, finishing having some pizza. fuck life.

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